Franchise – Hair, Beauty and Nail center Rajconcept innovation Sdn Bhd, Franchise plan is based on co- franchise system.
Term co- Franchise The term co- franchise means franchiser will partner with Franchisee on every franchise outlets.
Franchise Outlet means center for Hair, Beauty, Nail and therapy.
Partnership means franchiser will hold thirty percent equity in each franchise center and franchisee will hold seventy percent equity in each Franchise outlet.
Franchise trial period means franchisee has got three years to establish each outlet in term of marketing and profit.
Option to return of franchise agreement: – franchisee can during period of franchise trial period as an option to sell back the share of the franchise outlet to the franchiser with term and condition stipulated in the Franchise agreement.
Co- partnership of trade franchise means every franchise outlet will have three divisions and three experts to manage its division and will operate as multi task center.
Franchise co partnership in trade means three expert in each division will have equal share based on seventy percent equity of the franchise outlet.
Franchiser responsibility:
To provide management and administration to function the out let.
To provide marketing software for creation of business for each franchise outlet.
To provide accounting system and supply of raw material needed for the operation of the center.
To provide periodical training for all the co- partner in franchise outlet, so that the best services can be provide to all customers.
Franchisee responsibility
To manage each division as per agreement as per protocol of operation.
To provide best skill and person customer relationship to all customers.
To follow all the guild line of the franchise agreement.
The franchise fee for each co -partner is RM 30,000 in each Franchisee outlet Second option of the franchise would be franchisee can opt to franchisee through preferential shares of the company and on later date cover this share to equity share of the company Detail of the second option will be stipulated in franchise agreement under option of co- partnership having same franchisee fee as stated. Our first preference of offer to franchisee is for all student who have done course in our academy and second is offer to experience person in each field of expertise. For further information and understanding please refer to the franchise management team of Rajconcepts