Welcome to Rajconcept of family membership concept. Rajconcept offer family membership in our center for total family needs in Hair, Beauty, Nail and therapy The objective of this membership to allow all our esteem customer to enjoy privilege and benefits as a family membership member. The concept of this member ship is to serve our member with special services and offer special promotion for members 1. The family membership must be minimum of three person and to the maximum of 5 persons in a family 2. Rajconcept family membership will cater for 500 qualified members only. 3. Monthly free services in A. Nail – manicare & Pedicure, B. Facial - classic facial C. Therapy – shoulder or leg therapy and D. D. Hair- wash and blow 4. There will be 30% discount all services in Rajconcepts’ services and products in all its branches 5. Family membership will be based on yearly renewal membership 6. Family membership yearly subscription is RM 3800 per year 7. Family membership member will have privilege in making appointment and will be enjoy the various incentive in Rajconcept customer incentive program.